A course is a course of course

30 03 2010

There are many builders giving courses now.   Here is a list so you don’t have to hunt around.

Also check out my new, more current list here:


  1. UBI
  2. Doug Fattic
  3. Yamaguchi
  4. David Bohm
  5. Hot tubes
  6. Ant
  7. Brew Bikes
  8. http://ocbicycleco.com/
  9. Dave Yates (England)
  10. CAT (center for appropriate transportation)
  11. LMNO cycles Quebec
  12. Tech shop in San Fran
  13. Sanner Cycles (palo alto CA)
  14. Chris Kopp
  15. Bamboo studio
  16. Jeff Bock

I cannot comment on any individual course.   What I can comment on is expectations.   People go to framebuilding course for as many reasons as there are people.   I have tried to structure this course for the more serious.  Not necessarily those that want to go into business, but those that are serious about learning all they can learn in the alloted time and want to have a large hand if not total control over what they build here.

This brings me to the one week courses.   Here is what you can do in a week…….Watch me build your bike for you while we chit chat about bike stuff a bit.   If you want to learn the basics of frame design, welding and the like you CANNOT POSSIBLY learn this in a week.   Shoot, two weeks is not enough but it is the absolute minimum in my opinion that will give somebody a solid enough footing to at least continue on their own.

Look at the top outfits, UBI, Doug Fattic, Yamaguchi and myself and ask yourself why we take two weeks if we could pull it off in one?  Now, if you goal is just to get an overall view of the process and have a somewhat greater stake in your frame then one you can  buy off the rack then yes,  the one week course will work.




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