New Studio guest room for Framebuilding students

10 09 2010

I have a guest studio I have been working on for a bit two doors down from where class is held.

I realize that the cost of lodging is a major factor in choosing your school.  It can easily exceed 800 dollars for a 12 day stay.   Some school options allow for one staying at a local youth hostel or sleeping on somebodies couches but lets be honest here…..That sucks.

Most of my students are adults and do not long for the days that it was fun to sleep indoors in a sleeping bag or deal with 14 partying German kids.  I think you will find this comfortable, quiet and ultra convenient.   It has a small kitchen to prepare meals, a rock fireplace (not that this is needed much in Tucson) AC/ and a large bathroom with a whirlpool tub.

This is offered at $200 per week.  28 dollars a day or the same price as dorm space at the hostel in Ashland Oregon.




One response

12 12 2010

dude, that is sweet !! pretty sure I sat in that orange chair before (your living room) I miss Tuscon, maybe I should come back for a refresher !!

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