More Frame Course FAQ’s

7 01 2011

In no general order:

1.  When is payment due?   Payment is due on the first day of the course in full.  Check, cash or CC card is fine.  If you are coming from another country it seems like a bank check is best, my bank will do the conversion.   If payment is not received by the third day your class will be cancelled.

2. The workshop is a converted home for your convenience.  Most students stay at the home.  It really is an awesome place.   Work, eat, sleep, repeat.

3.  Internet access is included.  Please be nice to your neighbors on this one it is a shared system.

4.  If you fly into the Phoenix airport and need to get to Tucson there is a shuttle service.  The last stop is .5 miles from my house and I will pick you up.  Here is the link:

5.  If you fly into Tucson Az, just drop me your flight information and I will pick you up.  Please try not to come in at 2am cause I will make you take a cab and its about 40 bucks.

6.  You do NOT need to have any prior experience with framebuilding, welding or design.  You do not need to design your frame prior to arriving unless that is something you like to think about.  Please bring good work cloths and closed toed shoes.   If you cannot see well please bring you prescription glasses and or sunglasses.  Brazing and or welding requires that you see every bit as well as you can.

7.  I have some spare bikes to get around on for you.   You should not have to bring a transportation bike unless you want too.




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