Some of the reasons the Bohemian Bicycles course rocks!

23 05 2011

1. The first Mexican dinner is on me!  (we have awesome Mexican food)

2.  You only use the best materials for the bicycle you want to build!   Where some frame school choices limit you to only the cheapest parts available or make you pay extra for every little convenience or upgrade that does not happen here.   The best parts/tubing for the job is not always the most expensive but if a set of expensive S-bend chainstays work best for our application then by God S-bends it will be.

3.  The lodging is excellent!   No hostels with 12 screaming kids!   Private, clean and conveniently located (15ft away)

4.  I am well equipped.  I have a dedicated home/workshop just for framebuilding.  Nobody else has a setup like this.   I have more tools and gizmo’s to play with than anyone, um…by a large margin I will add.

5.  If you want to share fixtures and tools with 3-8 other people be my guest.

6.  My experience is really unparalleled.   Look at what your instructor has done compared to me and ask yourself  who has the greater breadth of experience and knowledge.

7.  Tucson has the best weather ever!   Seriously your choices during most of the  year are snow or rain…. It’s a no brainer!

8.  Look at what the students have done!  My students are putting out some amazing stuff!  Look up close at pictures at the actual brazing work and finish.    I am proud of that and you will be able to do the same thing.




One response

27 05 2011

You had me at, “First Mexican dinner is on me…”

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